How much can I expect to PAY and when should the payments be made? 

Bands’ fees vary, though for a full 4/5 person band (including PA provision and installation, lights and - if necessary - a sound engineer) you should expect to pay somewhere between £1400-1750 for two forty-five minute sets. Most bands will insist on a non-refundable deposit upon confirmation of booking, with the full balance to be settled a week before the event. This final payment is non-refundable should your event not go ahead.

For duos you can expect to be quoted between £200-£400 for two forty-five minute sets, with individual acts likely to charge between £75-£150. exists solely to put you in touch with musicians and event entertainers; all subsequent payment / contractual agreements made between you and third parties are made and managed at your own discretion. 

Will I be able to play MY musicAL DEVICE through the musical act’s PA system before/after their performance? 

Most likely, yes, though expect  to be charged a small surcharge if one of the band members will need to stay back until the end of your event to pack the PA system down.

Can I ask the musicians to learn a SPECIFIC song to play at my event?

Absolutely! Bands will do their best to accommodate where they can, and will happily learn one or two requested songs to add to their usual set. Just be aware that some songs are a bit more complicated than others, and your request may be declined if it requires hours of work beforehand. It’s rare that this happens, but worth considering.


All of our acts and entertainment providers work with independent sound and lighting professionals as well as the island’s larger AV businesses. If your requirements are for equipment hire only, we will be happy to advise and connect you with the right supplier.